Real Estate Recycling

Brownfield Assessment, Investigation, and Cleanup

Abandoned manufacturing plants. Boarded up commercial corridors. Empty office buildings. Cities and owners alike struggle with the burden of broken real estate. We bring real expertise – and free services – to help recycle and repair urban properties, building recreational centers, neighborhood commercial districts, affordable housing, and jobs. We believe real estate should work for everyone and our tools are applicable to most every property, from industrial sites to historic high-rises. Together, let’s solve your broken real estate challenge.

  • Assessment Grants
  • Why is development of broken real estate difficult?
  • What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?
  • What is Environmental Cleanup?
Assessment Grants
4/27/22 11:37:15 AM — Drone photos of Mother Road Market, NOMA and Adams Apartments. TAEO images of midtown and downtown Tulsa. Photo by Shane Bevel
Assessment Grants

The City of Tulsa provides free site assessment and investigation services for redevelopment of properties. These free services can include Phase I and Phase II Assessment, All-Appropriate Inquiry, and Clean-up Planning for sites being evaluated for redevelopment and reuse.

Why is development of broken real estate difficult?
road view of Tulsa.
Why is development of broken real estate difficult?

Obtaining financing for purchase or redevelopment of broken real estate is often the initial hurdle. Banks or other lenders are often concerned that risk environmental impacts pose. The cost of addressing environmental challenges is also a barrier. Environmental testing and cleanup can be expensive and time-consuming. And sometimes, public perception is a barrier to reuse, when potential customers or neighbors see a property as posing a risk to their health or safety.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?
What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?

A Phase I, or Phase I ESA, is a report which identifies potential or existing environmental contamination. It addresses not only the structures on a piece of property but also the soil and groundwater under a property. It includes a review of both current and historic operations as well as environmental issues. Typically, a Phase I ESA will cost $2,500+ depending on property size and complexity.

What is Environmental Cleanup?
4/25/22 2:01:57 PM — Drone imagery of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo by Shane Bevel
What is Environmental Cleanup?

Environmental Cleanup, or remediation, refers to actions taken to clean up environmental contamination. These actions may be conducted to address issues in soil and groundwater or on physical structures on the surface. Some examples include removal of buried fuel storage tanks or contaminated soil, or abatement and removal of asbestos or lead-based paint from a building

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