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Our team works with Tulsa businesses and stakeholders to identify financial incentives and programs to assist property developers grow housing and mixed use development in Tulsa.

  • What We Offer
  • Tax Abatement and TIF
  • Downtown Development and Redevelopment Fund (DDRF)
  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund
What We Offer
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PartnerTulsa offers:
  • A flexible grant program to assist in the development of public infrastructure for job creation projects.
  • Tax abatements for medium sized development projects in key areas of the City.
  • Flexible loan funds for multifamily redevelopment projects within the Inner Dispersal Loop.
  • Development Assistance (TIF) for redevelopment projects within TIF Districts.
  • Dedicated and experienced staff to help you navigate the process,
Tax Abatement and TIF
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Tax Increment Districts (TIDs)

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Tax Increment Districts (TIDs) are funding tools used to encourage and leverage private and public investment in specific areas of Tulsa. TIFs and TIDs are used to build and repair public infrastructure, encourage placemaking, and assist in the development of unproductive properties. PartnerTulsa currently manages TIF Districts in Downtown Tulsa, the intersection of 11th and Lewis, the Peoria Mohawk Business Park and 36th St. North and MLK Boulevard.

Tax abatements offer relief from ad valorem taxes on improvements for certain projects and can particularly impact community oriented projects.

Downtown Development and Redevelopment Fund (DDRF)
1/6/23 5:45:17 PM — The Village Flats outside Downtown Tulsa, Okla. 

Photo by Shane Bevel

Over the past twenty years, the City of Tulsa and PartnerTulsa have leveraged the Downtown Development Redevelopment Fund (DDRF) to assist in the development of Downtown Tulsa.

The DDRF has contributed to 850 new residential units within the Inner Dispersal Loop (IDL) and has proven to be instrumental to the revitalization of and reinvestment in Tulsa’s urban core.

Past projects include but are not limited to the Meridia, East End Village, the Mayo 420 building, Renaissance Uptown, and the Tribune Lofts.

The DDRF is funded by four separate Tulsa voter approved funding packages; T2013 Improve Our Tulsa, 1996 Sales Tax, Vision 2025, and the 2006 Third Penny Extension.

This program is administered by RFPs posted in the Current Opportunities section.

Affordable Housing Trust Fund
4/25/22 1:31:34 PM — Drone imagery of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo by Shane Bevel

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund is a city-wide fund for the production and preservation of housing to further the City of Tulsa’s mission to create quality housing opportunities for all Tulsans.

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund provides loans and grants for housing creation including development loans and developer incentive grants. As part of a larger program with mixed use development, the AHTF supports the provision of quality housing throughout the city.


Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund
Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund

The Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund is a flexible low-interest loan fund used to support the redevelopment of buildings or parcels where environmental issues present a barrier to redevelopment. Environmental Assessment and Investigation services are also available for free for redevelopment projects through PartnerTulsa. Loans of up to $1M have been previously made for redevelopment through this fund.

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