January 17, 2024

2024 Housing Spotlight

An upcoming single-family project developed and constructed by Ellison Investment Group (EIG) and EIG Home Builders.

Last year, Housing Solutions released a Citywide Housing Assessment that identified demand for nearly 13,000 housing units over the next decade, with a current backlog of demand for nearly 4,000 housing units ready to be fulfilled.

PartnerTulsa and the City of Tulsa are focused on taking rapid action to address housing demand through the support of public incentives and strategies, including planning for the deployment of more than $75 million in dedicated funding for housing approved through the recent Improve Our Tulsa funding package.

Key highlights in the 2022-2023 fiscal year included:

  • $71.3 million in affordable housing investment.
  • 479 new housing units, including 107 affordable housing options.
  • Sold 6 residential lots in our portfolio
  • 82 rental units are under construction
  • 75 homes or rental units are in the planning stages.
  • Assisted 32 residents through landlord, rental and homebuyer programs.
  • Administered more than $1.8 million in loans to produce affordable housing, through the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

We are collaborating with private and public leaders in Tulsa to bring 860 new housing units to the area, including:

  • Black Wall Street Square – Under Construction
    • Location: North Tulsa (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and East Reading Street)
    • This 25-unit, single-family, owner-occupied development is designed to create wealth-building opportunities for Black families through homeownership. All units will include three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a garage.

  • Western Supply – Under Construction
    • Location: Arts District (424 North Boulder)
    • This multi-family project will add 320 units for the current and incoming downtown workforce, including 80 affordable housing units.


  • Quincy Park – Opening Soon
    • Location: Pearl District (720 S Rockford)
    • Formerly known as the Laura Dester site of the Tulsa Boys Home, the facility is being revitalized to include 72 apartment units in the five existing buildings, with plans for a three-story, 18,000-square-foot retail/office building and 10-15 townhomes.


  • Utica Apartments – Planned
    • Location: North Tulsa (22 N Utica Ave)
    • This three-story garden-style rental apartment building will include 41 total units, including senior living, ADA accessible units, as well as mixed market rate and affordable units


  • Village Townhomes – Under Construction
    • Location: Pearl District (E. 8th Street)
    • Ten-unit townhome development with more than 16,000 square feet of total living space.

19 single-family homes are also currently in development on sites sold by PartnerTulsa. PartnerTulsa and the City of Tulsa will continue to prioritize helping Tulsa achieve equitable community investment and provide long-term economic sustainability for everyone.

See how new housing projects across Tulsa are shaping up and helping us meet this demand.