Healthy Food Access

Fruits and vegetables at a grocery store

Nutrition for the Mind, Body and Soul

Nobody feels good when they’re hungry. That’s why Tulsa is looking to the long-term strength of its communities by working to ensure all Tulsans have access to healthy and nutritious food. Tulsa will continue to improve the overall well-being of residents of Tulsa by providing greater access to quality food and community-based health education initiatives.

  • Oasis Fresh Market
  • Food on the Move
Oasis Fresh Market
Oasis Fresh Market grocery store in Tulsa, OK
Oasis Fresh Market

In 2021, Oasis Fresh Market opened in North Tulsa, bringing several initiatives to the area including weekly onsite health and financial educators. The grocery store also invites children from the Tulsa Dream Center to sell their own fresh produce in store.

Food on the Move
Food on the Move

Food on the Move is an innovative mobile food initiative that works to eliminate food deserts through monthly food events that offer fresh produce, meals, and access to health resources within the community. The nonprofit was founded in 2014 by local Tulsan Taylor Hanson of the band Hanson and was inspired by Taylor’s mentor and Edward J. Perkins. — a respected U.S. foreign service member who oversaw the end of apartheid in South Africa as the former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa.

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