Taxing Increment Financing (TIF)

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Funding the Future of Tulsa

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a funding tool used to encourage and leverage private and public investment in specific areas of Tulsa. TIF is used to build and repair public infrastructure, encourage placemaking, and assist in the development of unproductive properties. Funds are generated over a period of up to 25 year by growth in the Assessed Value (AV) of properties and the sales tax generated by business activities within a designated district. PartnerTulsa currently manages TIF Districts in Downtown Tulsa, the intersection of 11th and Lewis, the Peoria Mohawk Business Park and 36th St. North and MLK Boulevard.

  • Downtown Area TIF
  • 11th and Lewis TIF
  • 36th St North & MLK TIF
  • Peoria Mohawk TIF
Downtown Area TIF
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Downtown Area TIF

PartnerTulsa currently manages several TIF districts within the Downtown area that were created to assist in the development of unproductive properties and the construction of public improvements. Several Downtown TIF Districts were active in 2018, while others remain inactive until the revenues from private development can be fully leveraged. If you are interested in how TIF can assist you and your Downtown Development, please contact Spencer Mitchell at

11th and Lewis TIF
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11th and Lewis TIF

The two TIF Districts at 11th and Lewis were created to leverage private investment along Route 66 to fund placemaking and public infrastructure within the Market District. Click here to download the project plan.

36th St North & MLK TIF
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36th St North & MLK TIF

The TIF District at the intersection of 36th St North and MLK Boulevard was created to assist in the development of a mixed use development at the intersection. The project, which includes a hotel, residential, and retail component, is expected to commence construction in early 2022. Click here to download the project plan.

Peoria Mohawk TIF
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Peoria Mohawk TIF

The Peoria Mohawk TIF was created to leverage the investment from private companies at the Peoria Mohawk Business Park to improve housing conditions and encourage housing development in the surrounding area. The TIF was adopted in 2019 and is currently collecting revenues. PartnerTulsa expects to launch a number of housing programs funded from the revenues by 2024. Click here to download the project plan.

The Stories That Inspire Us

June 17, 2022

New Initiative to Break Link Between Housing Instability and Incarceration

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April 29, 2022

Oasis Fresh Market: Paving the Way Towards a Better Tulsa

North Tulsa’s food desert prompted the City to partner with the local community, non-profit organizations, and the local Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI). The neighborhood now has its own 16,425 sq. ft state-of-the-art grocery store…
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April 25, 2022

Be Well Community Corporation Receives $513,000 Grant to Launch Homebuyer Program for North Tulsans

Be Well Community Corporation has been awarded $513,000 from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund to launch the North Tulsa Forward Program. The program will offer free, virtual financial literacy and home-buying educational courses, as…
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