March 29, 2022

Amazon Builds Local Economy

Logistics are the backbone of every supply chain, and with Tulsa being the crossroads of several highways and interstates, there is a great need for companies that are willing to provide logistical support to all our local businesses. One of these companies is Amazon, with 6,000 employees working in Tulsa alone in its four operations facilities including an Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center, two Delivery Stations and a Sortation Center. Drawn to Tulsa by its growing population and a dedicated workforce, Amazon is a crucial part of the local economy.

Thanks to PartnerTulsa, Amazon can process its permits and entitlements easily as well as make connections with local business leaders to ensure a cooperative business environment. With PartnerTulsa helping to provide high quality staff, Amazon is able to focus on the needs of its customers, providing quick and easy service throughout the metro area.