May 4, 2023

Community Partner Profile: InTulsa–Connecting Local Talent to Companies and Careers

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The path to building a more vibrant and inclusive Tulsa starts with connecting innovative businesses with diverse talent. One of the organizations leading the charge is InTulsa, a talent matchmaking driver that supports job-seekers and companies by attracting new and retaining existing talent and organizations to Tulsa. We caught up with Megan Thomas, Managing Director for InTulsa, to learn more about how the organization is helping local job seekers thrive, and companies in Tulsa grow.

Q: How is InTulsa working to provide quality jobs to Tulsans?

InTulsa’s mission is to enable a more vibrant and inclusive city in Tulsa by connecting great Tulsans to knowledge economy careers. We are a talent matchmaking driver with a single civic mission – empowering Tulsa to be a hub of diverse companies committed to the region’s growth. inTulsa supports company growth and job seekers. Our talent partners work one on one with candidates to advise navigating to the right next career and prioritize finding a company who is a right fit for them. We provide candidates with a clear pathway to connect with the companies they want to work for. We invest time to ensure we work with companies who have a person’s career growth and development as a top priority. For growing businesses we act as an on-the-ground resource in Tulsa making it easy to connect with key hires, key expansion resources through our partnerships, and launch new operations in Tulsa with talent, relocation, and growth solutions.

Q: How does your team work with PartnerTulsa to create pathways to quality employment?

InTulsa is excited to collaborate with Partner Tulsa to provide non-dilutive capital assistance to companies to help them grow and build their businesses in Tulsa. As InTulsa and PartnerTulsa are aligned in our missions to connect businesses with local talent, we are extremely pleased to combine our efforts to attract and grow companies with quality careers for Tulsans. Together we will work to remove barriers for companies and talent, and this new partnership gives us another tool in our toolbox to aid businesses who are ready to invest in Tulsa’s growing economy.

Q: How can business partners access services through InTulsa?

Connect with someone on our team to assess if InTulsa is the right partner to help your business grow in Tulsa. Our Acquisition team is happy to speak with you to address your growth needs. We want your business to thrive and are available to assist with talent solutions, employee relocation, or other support packages. Follow our LinkedIn page to see how we have helped businesses within and outside of Tulsa grow! 

Q: Are there any companies you are currently working with that are eligible for this new collaborative program?

In fact, yes. We have recently been working with a mobile dentistry company, Kare Mobile, who has recently opened a new location in Tulsa.  Kare Mobile, based in Kentucky, is a dental service organization focused on eradicating dental deserts and providing equitable dental care.  InTulsa connected with the founder, Dr. Kwane Watson, at the AfroTech Conference last year and then invited him and his team to Tulsa for a personalized company visit in October. Dr. Kwane and his team were seeking a geographic expansion, but unsure of the best next location. Fast forward and Kare has recently relocated 8 team members to Tulsa, with another 1-2 in process, and hired 2 local Tulsans to their team. As a virtual health company, mission aligned, with DEI hiring as a key pillar and the desire to build a new location in Tulsa, Kare Mobile is a perfect company for this new program. Dr. Kwane recently stated of the program, “Kare Mobile is grateful to inTulsa for the incentives that will allow us to expand our team in Tulsa. The additional resources will help us continue to grow our company, and achieve our mission to eradicate dental deserts in America.”