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A World of Possibilities

PartnerTulsa, in coordination with the City of Tulsa, has a number of programs to encourage the creation and retention of quality jobs from existing and new companies to the Tulsa area. In addition, PartnerTulsa can identify which projects are high impact for the local Tulsa area and determine potential eligibility for State incentive programs.

PartnerTulsa offers:

  • A flexible grant program to assist in the development of public infrastructure for job creation projects.
  • Development Assistance through Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts for major development and redevelopment projects.
  • Dedicated and experienced staff to help you navigate incentive processes, as well as development and permitting processes.

Project Overview

Incentive requests are reviewed by standing committees comprised of City of Tulsa staff, PartnerTulsa staff, and area partners. Exact processes vary by incentive, but generally follow the following phases:
Phase 1
Application Submitted
Projects and companies submit a formal application provided by PartnerTulsa staff for the requested incentive after an initial meeting with staff.
Phase 2
Application Review
Applications are reviewed by PartnerTulsa staff according to industry standards and best practices in financial underwriting. Applications are reviewed to ensure that sufficient public benefit will be realized.
Phase 3
Incentive Approved
After an initial review, the application is approved by relevant committees, the Partner Tulsa Board of Trustees, and (if required) the Tulsa City Council.
Phase 4
Implementation and Monitoring
PartnerTulsa and City staff work collaboratively to implement the incentive, monitor contract obligations, and ensure the public benefit is realized.
  • Economic Development Infrastructure Fund
  • Tax Abatement
  • Tax Increment Finance
  • State Incentive Programs
  • Business Liaison Services
Economic Development Infrastructure Fund
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Economic Development Infrastructure Fund

The Economic Development Infrastructure Fund is used to assist in the development of public infrastructure for job creation, expansion, and retention projects. The current policy document that describes the program, criteria for qualification, and evaluation process can be found here.

Tax Abatement
City skyline of Tulsa, OK.
Tax Abatement

Tax abatements offer relief from ad valorem taxes on improvements for a particular project and can be particularly impactful for community-oriented projects. Tax Incentive Districts provide a five- to six-year abatement on local property taxes for specific development projects. Tax Abatements are not available within existing Tax Increment Finance Districts.

Tax Increment Finance
City skyline of Tulsa, OK.
Tax Increment Finance

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a funding tool used to encourage and leverage private and public investment in specific areas of Tulsa. TIF is used to build and repair public infrastructure, encourage placemaking, and assist in the development of unproductive properties. PartnerTulsa currently manages TIF Districts in Downtown Tulsa, the intersection of 11th and Lewis, the Peoria Mohawk Business Park and 36th St. North and MLK Boulevard.

State Incentive Programs
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State Incentive Programs

Oklahoma has some of the lowest tax rates and some of the best tax incentives in the nation. The state offers companies a low cost of doing business, a low cost of living for employees, and tax rebates that reduce tax burdens even further. The State of Oklahoma also offers incentives for businesses looking to relocate to the state, from workforce tax credits to expansion incentives and more. PartnerTulsa staff is eager to help you navigate that process. Learn more about state incentives on the Oklahoma Commerce website.

Business Liaison Services
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Business Liaison Services

PartnerTulsa provides concierge services for businesses and support for large projects through its Business Services Liaison. Businesses are encouraged to contact PartnerTulsa with coordination issues on permits or questions about City of Tulsa development processes.

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