April 3, 2023

Community Partner Profile: How Pivot is Bringing Creative Housing Solutions to Tulsa

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Historically, Tulsa’s Arts District has not been home to a significant number of housing units, but that is now changing thanks to creative solutions like the WPA Project in the Arts District. The development, led by Pivot Real Estate Development, will bring much-needed multi-family housing to the area plus a hotel and retail space. Each development led by Pivot is the product of public interest and addresses a community need in a way that’s thoughtful, contemporary, and enjoyable to experience. We connected with Candace Baitz, Pivot’s VP of Acquisitions & Development, to learn more about the project and how it’s expected to improve the Arts District.

Q: The Arts District has not historically been home to a significant number of housing units but that is rapidly changing. How do you see your development fitting in with the fabric of the neighborhood?

The Arts District is a great area with some of the best restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and museums in the City. While there hasn’t been a significant amount of housing in the area, we’re really excited about the opportunity to bring additional housing to such a vibrant neighborhood. We believe our development will fit in nicely and be additive to The Arts District

Q: What amenity in your development are you most excited about?

The most exciting part of any development is when people are activating a space. We view the retail and public spaces of the hotel as amenities for our residents, hotel guests, and people visiting The Arts District. The hotel will have two food & beverage concepts. One will be on the rooftop and another will be on the ground floor lobby. The rooftop bar with light food and a view of the downtown skyline will be an exciting and unique addition to the district.

Q: In your opinion, what one thing would do the most to encourage more affordable housing in the Arts District and Downtown as a whole?

Unfortunately, the reality is that it is expensive to build new units. Land prices and even construction costs are higher than they have ever been. On the plus side, PartnerTulsa leads the Downtown Development and Redevelopment Fund for projects inside the IDL and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund for projects outside the IDL to tackle this challenge. It will take incentives such as this and others to bring more affordable housing to all parts of the city.