April 25, 2024

Kirkpatrick Heights-Greenwood Master Plan Update

Today, the Tulsa Development Authority (TDA) approved a nine-member advisory committee to assist in the creation of a community development corporation.

The Advisory Committee will have a sole responsibility to work with TDA to create the legal framework, structures, and organization of a 501(c)(3) Community Development Corporation (CDC) to ultimately steward the land in the Kirkpatrick Heights and Greenwood areas of North Tulsa.

“When we started gathering input from Tulsans on what they wanted to see happen with this land almost two years ago, we knew they didn’t just need to have a say in the process, they should be the ones leading it,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “It’s in this spirit the Kirkpatrick Heights-Greenwood Master Plan was created with the help from an 11-member leadership team, and it’s in the same spirit that this additional advisory committee has been chosen to continue this important work.”

Advisory Committee members, who were chosen after an open solicitation for applicants, include Lana Turner-Addison, Shella Bowlin, Eugene Harris, Scott Moore y Medina, Joshua Roby, Kiana Smith, William Tisdale, Brentom Todd, and Daquet Wilson.

“After receiving over 35 applications from an array of talented people throughout our community, we are excited to welcome the new members of the Advisory Committee,” said Jonathan Butler, Senior Vice President of Community Development for Partner Tulsa. “The Committee will work with PartnerTulsa, City staff, the Community Working Group, and the Tulsa Development Authority to ensure that the vision created by the Kirkpatrick Heights/Greenwood Master Plan (KHGMP) remains centered in all decision-making as it works to formally create a Community Development Corporation. We have referenced many times the significance of the creation of the KHGMP and the implementation of it, not just for North Tulsa but for the entire city of Tulsa.  We are eager to continue to advance the implementation of the Master Plan with this impressive group and we appreciate the community volunteers who worked so hard to recommend such a strong slate of people.”

In the coming weeks and months, the Advisory Committee will assist in the:

  • Facilitation of the creation of Articles of Incorporation for a CDC
  • Creation of bylaws for the CDC
  • Creation of policies and procedures for CDC operations
  • Recruitment and recommendation of volunteers to serve on the CDC Board of Directors
  • Identification of funding necessary for establishment and operation of the CDC from incubation to independence
  • Identification and recruitment of available resources (i.e. grants, credits, donors, public funds, etc.) to provide funding for CDC operations

“The formation of the Advisory Committee marks a significant step toward ensuring that the redevelopment of Kirkpatrick Heights and Greenwood not only preserves our rich history but also propels us toward a future where economic growth and equity are accessible to all, especially Black residents affected by urban renewal and the residual effects of disinvestment in North Tulsa,” TDA chair Ashley Philippsen said. “This collaborative effort reflects our shared commitment to creating sustainable and inclusive prosperity and vibrant neighborhoods. TDA looks forward to working closely with PartnerTulsa, the City of Tulsa, and all involved stakeholders to establish a Community Development Corporation that reflects and serves the needs and aspirations of our community as indicated in our yearslong collaboration to actualize this land use plan.”

As the new organization takes shape, some Advisory Committee members might transition to CDC board positions, but it is expected that the Committee will disband once the organization is fully established.

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