July 2, 2023

Meet our Trustee: Jeannie Cue, District Two Tulsa City Councilor

Jeannie Cue has always considered Tulsa to be synonymous with family. It’s why she’s supported the city as an emergency room nurse, has served on the city council for 12 years, advocates for her district’s residents and businesses, and serves as a trustee for PartnerTulsa. We connected with Councilor Cue to learn more about her commitment to service and what excites her most about Tulsa’s future. 

Q: Why do you serve on the PartnerTulsa board?

It is important for the Council to understand the direction of PartnerTulsa and the programs that they offer. I learn every day of new programs and benefits that can help to serve and improve the lives of Tulsans. Being able to help shape and communicate those benefits to our residents is very important to me.

Q: What current project are you most excited about?   

I am extremely excited and encouraged about the investment that PartnerTulsa has put into housing. Providing stable housing for all Tulsans is crucial and the emphasis that PartnerTulsa has put into the thoughtful development of that is exciting.

Q: What is your vision for Tulsa?

My vision is that all Tulsans have a clean and safe place to live and thrive. I work every day with our residents to help create opportunities to grow Tulsa into a prosperous city both for residents and businesses.

Q: Please share a fun fact about yourself.

My hobby is serving the people of Tulsa and meeting new people. I have always been able to talk to any person if they are in an ER, where I worked as a nurse, or telling stories to my grandchildren. Tulsa has always been family to me.