June 5, 2023

Meet our Trustee: Thomas A. Boxley

Thomas A. Boxley is actively working to shape Tulsa for future generations. His career spans education, health care, and consulting services in both the private and non-profit sectors and community leadership roles at the Tulsa Development Authority, the Greater Tulsa Area African American Affairs Commission, and PartnerTulsa. We caught up with Thomas to see what new projects he’s most looking forward to, why he thinks Tulsa is poised to be a regional economic powerhouse and the work it will take to get there.

Q: Why do you serve on the PartnerTulsa board?
I serve because I am passionate about the Tulsa that I would like to leave the generations that come after me. That Tulsa will undoubtedly look different than the Tulsa of today, and it is up to us to work to shape Tulsa into a world-class city.

Q: What current project are you most excited about?
I am most excited about the Greenwood, Kirkpatrick Heights and Evans-Fintube projects that will transform the Historic Greenwood District.

Q: What is your vision for Tulsa?
I would like Tulsa to become a choice destination for professionals and businesses in the region by becoming a regional economic and entertainment powerhouse. In order to achieve this, we must have hard conversations to address troubling realities – both past and present – and embrace true reconciliation as an active, engaging process, not a concept.

Q: Please share a fun fact about yourself.
I am a brewer – be on the lookout!!!!