April 18, 2024

Meet the Team: Casey Stowe

A man in a blue blazer and glasses poses for a portrait photograph sitting near a couch.
Casey Stowe

Casey Stowe brings a wealth of experience in real estate and development to the team at PartnerTulsa. Get familiar with his work in this month’s Meet the Team profile.

What is your role at PartnerTulsa?
I am the Senior Vice President, Finance and Real Estate at PartnerTulsa.  I lead a team that manages both our various financial incentive programs as well as our real estate holdings.

What first brought you to Tulsa, and how long have you lived here?
I am very proud to be a native Tulsan. I moved away to attend Loyola and wound up living and working in New Orleans for 11 years. I’ve been back in Tulsa for just over 20 years now and am honored to have the chance to make my hometown a better place.

You’ve previously been directly involved in the development of several housing projects downtown. Tulsa needs 13,000 housing units over the next decade, according to the 2023 Citywide Housing Assessment. At a very high level, what will it take to meet this need? 
In a word: Everyone. Tulsa needs public institutions, private institutions, philanthropy, local corporations and businesses to come together if we are going to be successful. The City of Tulsa made a bold, positive move by including $75 million in the recent Improve Our Tulsa 3 package, which is a great start. But we will need to leverage those other groups’ capacity, passion and financial resources if we are to meet our goals. The recently completed and released Tulsa Housing Strategy lines out a framework of how to proceed to meet the 13,000-unit demand.

What is an overlooked or perhaps underutilized housing trend or opportunity that you have your eyes on? A strategy or approach in another city that could work here?
I am a big fan of converting buildings with other uses into housing. The two main asset types I see being successful in this regard are office-to-housing conversion and hotel-to-housing conversions. We are already seeing both types of activity in the market and PartnerTulsa will be working to encourage more such conversions and sometimes even helping them become economically feasible.