February 6, 2024

Meet the Team: Jonathan Sanders, Economic Development Manager

Meet our Economic Development Manager, Jonathan Sanders! Jonathan is responsible for developing and leading economic development strategies to create quality job opportunities, attract new businesses and retain existing organizations. Get to know Jonathan and learn more about what makes Tulsa such a great place for businesses to thrive in our latest team profile. 

What is your role at PartnerTulsa? How do you support PartnerTulsa’s mission to drive economic growth for the city?
I serve as the Economic Development Manager at PartnerTulsa. My role focuses on leading economic development strategies and programs focused on business attraction. Our business attraction efforts aim to grow quality jobs to increase economic opportunity in Tulsa.

Why did you join the PartnerTulsa team? What do you enjoy most about your role?
Since moving to Tulsa in 2019, I’ve had several opportunities to get involved throughout the community which resulted in a personal passion for the city. This translated into a desire to have an impact in Tulsa and be a part of the dynamic progress that was taking place in front of me. PartnerTulsa was driving a lot of that progression and the organization was in alignment with my goals and ideals.

My favorite part of my role is getting to work hand in hand with people who are equally passionate and learn from their expertise on how to stimulate communities by leveraging economic and community development. I have also had the opportunity to travel and collaborate with regional and state partners in other communities that have provided beneficial experiences as well.

What current PartnerTulsa project are you most excited about and why?
Tulsa has had lots of momentum in recent years which has attracted numerous businesses to inquire about relocating or expanding to our region. There isn’t one project in particular, but I am excited about leveraging this momentum for our business attraction efforts to land a prominent company whether retail or commercial, preferably both, in Tulsa that will provide significant quality jobs and catalyze further economic mobility. I am looking forward to attending a ribbon cutting that I can say I helped influence.

What is your favorite place to visit or thing to do in Tulsa?
I have a few favorites in Tulsa. I enjoy going to the Gathering Place to relax, followed by a run down Riverside. Downtown usually has good vibes and I can count on the restaurant scene to provide unique experiences whether grabbing a bite at The Tavern or having an innovative cocktail with friends at Valkyrie, or there might be a curated event that a friend is hosting at the Rendezvous Room in the Vast Bank building with immaculate views of the city. The list goes on.

Tulsa was recently named a Tech Hub by the U.S. Economic Development Administration. What does this designation mean for the region?
Being named a Tech Hub has been substantial for the trajectory of Tulsa and proven that we are headed in the right direction in terms of positioning the region as a global leader in advanced autonomous technologies. This designation will not only unlock federal funding, but is also excellent earned media marketing that bolsters our strategies to attract more businesses and talent. The Tech Hub designation will help Tulsa continue to grow into a thriving market of innovation and economic opportunity.

What makes Tulsa such a great location for businesses?
Tulsa is a tremendous ecosystem of organizations and individuals that share the goal of establishing Tulsa as an emerging market. This creates a level of cohesion toward promoting a business-friendly environment for a broad range of industries. There have been intentional efforts implemented throughout Tulsa’s robust network of economic developers to provide valuable incentives for businesses, large and small, to easily find their place here. Not to mention that we offer an outstanding quality of life and an affordable cost of living with vibrant neighborhoods.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
Perfecting new cooking recipes is a hobby of mine. I love good food and traveling with friends and family. I’m always open to a fun new adventure.