February 9, 2023

PartnerTulsa Selected to Advance in National Initiative to Boost High-Quality Jobs

The City of Tulsa is excited to announce that PartnerTulsa has been selected to participate in the second phase of Results for America’s Good Jobs & Equity Project to implement innovative job quality strategies that promote economic mobility and strengthen local economies.

“Tulsa’s selection to participate in the second phase of Results for America’s Good Jobs & Equity Project is a testament to our shared commitment to creating increased economic mobility in Tulsa,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “PartnerTulsa’s selection for this project is exciting for Tulsa and for our robust small business community as we work to ensure the creation of high-quality jobs.”

Tulsa is one of 12 U.S. jurisdictions nationwide selected to participate in the project, which is backed by the Families and Workers Fund. The Good Jobs & Equity Project represents a growing movement to rethink what makes a good job and take evidence-based action to promote equitable, high-quality employment across the range of business environments.

“For decades, governments have focused mostly on the quantity of jobs created, not the quality of those jobs. But that is changing—these 12 communities are taking steps to lift wages, improve benefits, provide stable schedules, and ensure voice, dignity and purpose,” said Michele Jolin, CEO and Co-Founder of Results for America. “We look forward to helping leaders use evidence-based strategies to create high-quality jobs for their residents and build more vibrant and sustainable communities for all.”

“Through the Good Jobs & Equity Project, PartnerTulsa will work with local small businesses to become employers of choice, with the goal of improving employee recruitment, retention, and satisfaction,” said Michelle Barnett, Senior Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development for PartnerTulsa. The project will also identify the most effective evidence-based strategies for improving job quality in eleven other communities across the country.

“We’re thrilled to support state and local leaders through RFA’s Good Jobs & Equity Project as they leverage historic federal investments to provide good jobs that sustain and uplift all residents,” said Rachel Korberg, Executive Director of the Families and Workers Fund.

The project will run through December 2024 and include an evaluation of employer and employee impact, with the goal that Tulsa’s learnings can provide a roadmap for other communities as they advance job quality.

More information on PartnerTulsa’s Small Business, Great Jobs program can be found online.

About PartnerTulsa
PartnerTulsa is the City of Tulsa’s economic development Authority that streamlines and strengthens Tulsa’s economic development efforts through the merging of the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (MOED), Tulsa Industrial Authority (TIA), Tulsa Parking Authority (TPA), and Economic Development Commission (EDC) into a single, enhanced Public Trust. Partner Tulsa (aka TAEO) is governed by a thirteen (13) member Board of Trustees and provides staffing for and oversees the operations of the Tulsa Development Authority (TDA). For more information about PartnerTulsa, visit

About the City of Tulsa
The City of Tulsa serves more than 400,000 residents with approximately 3,700 public servants on staff. In addition to public safety, the City of Tulsa provides clean and safe drinking water to Tulsa residents and surrounding communities, manages more than 1,700 arterial street lane miles, operates refuse and recycling in addition to a mulch site, manages a 311 call center for citizen needs, and more. The City of Tulsa operates under a strong mayor form of government with a nine-member City Council. G.T. Bynum is the current mayor – the 40th in Tulsa’s history. For more information about the City of Tulsa and its Authorities Boards and Commissions, visit For more information about joining the City’s team, visit