June 5, 2023

What’s Next for the Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Master Plan: June 2023 Update

It’s been approximately five months since the formal adoption of the Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Master Plan (KHMP). During the visioning and design process, we worked with an 11-person Leadership Committee, appointed by Mayor G.T. Bynum, and the community at large to promote a renewed vision for North Tulsa. During the 16-month planning and design process we conducted over 40 events, connecting with over 1,000 members of the community. Each of these community touchpoints directly informed the development of the 188-page Master Plan, creating the vision and framework for the redevelopment of three publicly owned sites totaling approximately 56 acres in North Tulsa.

At the end of last year, Mayor Bynum allocated $2 million towards early implementation actions for KHMP in his City Budget. The Mayor and the City Council are also requesting the approval of an additional $5 million for early implementation funding in the Improve Our Tulsa package. We are extremely excited about the continuous support of the Mayor and City Council, and their willingness to invest in the successful implementation of the KHMP. During the numerous public meetings and work sessions held last year, the community identified the top priority for implementation as formalizing the open space that is the site of current Juneteenth festivities, also known in the Master Plan as Greenwood Plaza. Initial cost estimates for the development of the site are projected to be between $14 – $22 million. Implementation of the Master Plan will require significant amounts of resources and ample time to develop. We are working to ensure that there will be adequate resources secured to implement the Master Plan including examining potential grant opportunities with local, state, and federal entities.    

A key tenet of the Master Plan is establishing an implementation structure that ensures the social and economic benefits of redevelopment are experienced by Black Tulsans. In February, PartnerTulsa received a technical assistance grant to support the ongoing work of determining a governance structure for community benefits and eventual ownership. Known as the Opportunity Accelerator, the initiative supports governments and governmental entities in their efforts to promote economic mobility and reduce racial disparities in their communities. Our team is being led by the Haywood Burns Institute and as we work to identify an implementation and future governance plan, we have invited a few community stakeholders to participate in focused discussions prior to large public meetings. The Burns Institute began speaking to some of the community members in April and will continue to engage community members throughout the summer.  Our first virtual workshops with community stakeholders will take place May 30th with additional workshops in early June and during the lead-up to Juneteenth. We plan to host a series of public workshops throughout the summer.

The Project’s Upcoming Timeline:

  • March – June 2023: Research and impact assessment of governance models.
  • April – September 2023: Identify policies needed to sustain and protect the prosperity of Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Master Plan.
  • May – September 2023: Research and define Equity / Well-being metrics and measures.
  • August – October 2023: Develop content to share governance models matched to community ownership and benefit definitions.

Click here to see the full Master Plan document or visit for the full website.