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After more than 40 community meetings and events, connecting with 1,000 residents and 12 months of community-led planning, the 188-page Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Master Plan was recently approved by the Tulsa City Council. The plan provides strategies for the equitable and inclusive mixed-use of 56 acres of publicly owned land just north of downtown Tulsa.

The project is now moving into the implementation phase, and next steps include establishing a technical working committee and community-led governance model, as well as identifying additional funding sources.  The renewed vision for North Tulsa places ownership and governance with Greenwood stakeholders and leaders, and incorporates housing, retail, community gathering spaces, greenspace and infrastructure to improve mobility and connectivity throughout the plan area. The full plan can be viewed here.

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Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Site Master Plan

With the potential to have a heavy economic impact on the Historic Greenwood community, the Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Site Master Plan is integral to Tulsa’s future, celebrating the legacy of the Historic Black Wall Street and the spirit of African American entrepreneurship.

Project Overview

The planning process will focus on three distinct publicly-owned sites, totaling 56 acres of land in the Kirkpatrick Heights / Greenwood area of North Tulsa.
Phase 1
Project Organization
Phase 2
Active Stakeholder + Community Engagement
Phase 3
Existing Conditions, Analysis + Opportunities
Phase 4
Prepare Planning Document
Phase 5
Master Plan Finalized
Phase 6
Tulsa Selected to participate in the Opportunity Accelerator (OA) program through Results for America

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June 5, 2023

What’s Next for the Kirkpatrick Heights & Greenwood Master Plan: June 2023 Update

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June 5, 2023

Community Partner Profile: Creating a Framework for Community Leadership and Ownership with the Opportunity Accelerator

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