April 29, 2022

Oasis Fresh Market: Paving the Way Towards a Better Tulsa

Oasis Fresh Market grocery store in Tulsa, OK

Creating Opportunity for Tulsans

For many, necessities like nutritious food get taken for granted. But when communities lack access to healthy food, there can be a trickle-down effect leading to a disproportionate risk of diet-related conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes, and a decreased ability of students to concentrate in school. North Tulsa’s food desert prompted the City to partner with the local community, non-profit organizations, and the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC). The neighborhood now has its own 16,425 sq. ft state-of-the-art grocery store on Peoria Avenue called Oasis Fresh Market.

While Oasis Fresh Market uses a for-profit business model, the grocery store’s  leadership team also owns a non-profit company called Oasis Project. They host onsite resources every weekend, such as lending educators and health specialists. Oasis Project is also partnering with the Tulsa Dream Center to allow kids to sell their own, freshly grown produce in the grocery store. Their motto is “more than groceries, equipping you for life,” showing their dedication to getting rid of food deserts and health disparities throughout Tulsa by rolling out Double-up Oklahoma, a dollar-for-dollar match for fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for individuals on SNAP.