Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Fund

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In 2018, the City of Tulsa commissioned a study to assess the City’s commercial centers given the changing nature of retail and consumer behavior at the time. The findings of that study were the foundation of several programs that were created by the City of Tulsa and PartnerTulsa to encourage the development of neighborhood commercial centers, particularly those in key commercial corridors.

The Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Fund is a flexible loan program for small businesses and property developers looking to expand in key commercial corridors throughout the city. The program is managed in partnership with the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC).

  • Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Program
  • Commercial Development Fee Reimbursement
Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Program
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Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Fund

The Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Fund is a flexible loan fund used to support the development of small and medium sized commercial businesses in key commercial corridors throughout the City of Tulsa. This loan is administered by Tulsa Economic Development Corporation to provide 0% interest loans of up to $200,000 for facade improvements, furnishings & equipment, and other capital needs to enhance local retail assets. This loan program can be combined with other resources through TEDC to provide a robust capital stack for growing retail establishments.

Commercial Development Fee Reimbursement
City of Tulsa Permit Center
Commercial Development Fee Reimbursement

The Fee Reimbursement program can be utilized by commercial development and small businesses to reimburse a portion of fees assessed by the City of Tulsa for property improvements.

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